The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is a key component of the UNESCO MAB (Man and Biosphere) world-wide network program; MAB program objective: maintain a lasting equilibrium in the nature by conserving biodiversity, promoting economic development and safeguarding relevant cultural values !

The unique Cilento National Park: the history, the nature, the mankind past, and ALSO a natural reserve of world biosphere ! The ancient history started here, due to the karst ground nature of this area and the consequent abundance of caves. This has undoubtedly favoured the presence of Man, who took refuge in them, found shelter and consumed his meals. The most ancient signs of human presence in Cilento appear first in the middle Paleolitic period, about 50.000 years B.C., and the traces continue through the Neolithic period until the advent of metalcraft in the Metallic ages. A cave along Southern Coastal CilentoThe presence of primitive man in the area of Cilento is tangible to us even today, thanks to those instruments which have survived, both in costal caves (between Palinuro, Camerota and Scario), and in inland caves along ancient paths over mountain-chains that surround all the National Park and Vallo di Diano (Castelcivita and Pertosa caves). And due to the common use of these ancient mountainous paths the great adventure of the first organized communities of this area began. Over period of houndreds of years Lucanian and Cilento peoples became the cross-roads and the contact between the Peoples of Sea, coming first from Greece and Aegean Sea area and then from African coast-lines, and the peoples of Appenines, the Etruscan people, coming from middle Europe. This was the main cultural event of the ancient mediterranean area that led to the development of the entire Europe.
The savage nature and the untouched environment of ancient innermost Cilento, mixed with the local culture, the local traditions, the local cookery, the sea villages along with a still healthy sea produces a charming mixture that everyone needs to taste. Why not come on holiday here to discover the other marvels that Cilento National Park holds ? Click here for learn more from UNESCO declaration about Cilento.

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