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The famous temple of Poseidone

The old greek roman city of Paestum is located in the village of Capaccio, some distance south of the estuary of the river Sele. In the year 650 BC the Greek colonized this area escaping from the destruction of their village in South Italy - it was Sibari destroyed from Taranto and Metaponto and submerged by a river. They named their new colony Poseidonia. The name of the town went through two more transformations over the centuries. It was known as Paistos when it was conquered by the Lucanians, and received its current name when it was overtaken by the romans in the year 273 BC. The ancient part of Paestum is still surrounded by 5 kilometers of pentagon-shaped defensive walls which were built in the year 400 BC. Within the ancient city visitors can marvel at a number of suggestive and beautifully preserved buildings, which still stand after thousands of years of their original construction. These are the temples of Hera, Neptune (Poseidon), and Cerere, as well as the large forum which was built by the ancient Romans. Behind these structures one can still see the ruins of the original half-moon shaped amphitheater. These are the most important structures at Paestum, but much of the ancient village has been excavated so that one can walk on the original stone-paved streets of the ancient colony much like its inhabitants did thousands of years past. Many of the artifacts and frescos brought to light during excavations have been masterfully displayed at a well designed museum a few steps away from the archaeological site. Paestum is 21 miles far away from our flats · apartments for rent, about 30 minutes by car with moderate driving, so that one can easily visit Paestum and Velia in the same day. Any period of the year is good to visit Paestum but in springtime the green and blossom country makes more enchanting the visit.

The holiday accommodation - self-catering apartments to rent - flats to let - holiday homes of Villa Prato in Cilento are 45 minutes by car from Paestum excavation area and Paestum museum.

A view of the excavation area

Ruins of columns in Paestum

The old theatre in Paestum

The main road of the area of Paestum

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