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@ By Alessandro, 4th Grade, - Connecticut - USA
"When my family and I went to Casal Velino in Italy we had a great time. The weather was good, there were cool sites and the food was great. We stayed for only one week and I grew to really like it there.
Casal Velino is a small little town in southern Italy, it seems to touch both the mountains and the sea. The villa we stayed at was a small peaceful clay house built on a steep hill. From the garden you could see the vast blue sea. The garden had flowers, lemon trees, nespole trees, cactus with almost ripe prickly pears, and fig trees. Neon green lizards would sun themselves on the rocks. Behind the house, the top of the hill was flooded in olive trees.
Most of the time the weather was sunny, it was springtime and we were able to go swimming in April. Occasionally there was a morning thunderstorm that made the villa shake. After the thunderstorm everything would clear up and seem like nothing had happened, the air smelled like the sea.
Near Casal Velino there is a town called Velia. In Velia there is an ancient archaeological site that is halfway dug up. When we got there we saw archaeologists with shovels digging the clay off the Greek theater. While walking around, I saw little pieces of pottery. We knew it was ancient Greek pottery because it was painted black and polished.
The most special thing about Casal Velino was the food. They had excellent buffalo milk mozzarella. I ate about five pounds of it during the trip. It is soft, moist and salty. Another good thing I had there were raw anchovies cooked in the acid of lemon juice. I tried them myself and I was forced to leave some for other people. I also had some in the morning for breakfast! The homemade pasta called fusilli tasted really good. The ice cream was as good as everything else.
I didn't want to leave Casal Velino, the food was too good, but we eventually had to fly back. It was a special place because it was like heaven for a boy like me. I can't wait to go back."

@ By Frank T., - Philadelphia - USA
My family and I spent two spectacular weeks in Italy in June 2002. We stayed at Villa Prato which was a splendid apartment in a quiet, beautiful area (Casal Velino Marina and Pioppi) with a view of the Meditherranean Sea that compared favourably to the Amalfi coast in beauty, but was infinitely better in privacy, lack of tourist crowds, economy, and the ability to get to know the local people. During our whole time there Vanni, our host, was available to help with all the little questions and problems that come up when one travels abroad. He was always helpful and gracious. I will tell you a rental car story. One day our rental car developed engine trouble on the way to Pompeii. Vanni immediately knew that we needed a new car and that our trip had to be postponed. Needless to say, we were disappointed. But he arranged for the new car with Thrifty, and for us to have a special lunch at I Moresani that afternoon to "save the day". We had a wonderful time, and the next day we went to Pompeii. After we returned to the States, the credit card bill came and Thrifty had overcharged us substantially for the car rental. With just a few short e-mails to Vanni, the problem was corrected and Thrifty credited our account for the error. What could have been a nightmare of language barriers and currency conversion rates turned out to be simple and easy thanks to our friend in CasalVelino !

@ By Caroline H., - IRELAND & USA
Traveling with 3 young children (3,5 and 10) is always a challenge, but Villa Prato's access to the sea and its vicinity to the surrounding attractions made it enjoyable for everyone. The terraced flat was comfortable and well equipped and I would highly recommend it to other families with children. The outside garden is easily accessible from the living room, and the children can go in and out at will without it being worrisome for the parents. Our host, Vanni went the extra mile to make sure that things were perfect for us. We were fortunate enough to also enjoy one of his home cooked meals, and I am sure that if he ever decided to switch careers and become a chef he would have great success. The best thing about going to the Cilento on a family vacation is that the things that the adults find fascinating are also interesting and fun for the children. Unlike other parts of Europe, Cilento really "feels" different. My most romanticized thoughts about life in Italy come are realized when I'm there. The local customs and culture do not feel spoiled by "globalization". Walking through the 2600 year old majestic Greek temples of Paestum brought upon a feeling of communion with the past like no museum can. If you're looking to see Italy "off the beaten track" this is the place to come.

@ By Anthony M. & Family, - New York - USA
"The beauty and grandeur of the Cilento area of Southern Italy is breath taking. My family and I spent two wonderful weeks as quests at Villa Prato. However, we were never treated like quests, but more like a part of Vanni's extended family. If your looking for a true taste of Italy, and you want to experience the warmth and lust for life of the Italian people, Villa Prato is where you want to go. Villa Prato sits atop a hill looking down on warm blue water with a panoramic view of the sea and surrounding mountains. I don't think I've ever seen water anywhere in the world with such a deep blue color as in this part of Italy. The towns up and down the coast from Villa Prato have spectacular beaches, and if tour into shopping there are many local stores to explore. However, the best part of vacationing in Italy has to be the food. The local cuisine is fabulous, but be prepared to spend some time at the restaurant, because meals are more like an event, something to be enjoyed and savored. Villa Prato is close to train and seasonal boat transportation, and if you want to drive the Italian AutoStradas are near by. We drove to the ancient ruins in Pasteum, Agropoli and Velia. Along the coast highway there are many interesting places to stop, but the ever present views of the sea and mountains just overwhelm the senses. The Amalfi coast is not far by train and bus, and the Italians make traveling in Italy easy. Many Italians speak English, and if you have weak language skills in Italian (like me) they will work with you to answer questions and give directions. The accommodations at Villa Prato were first class. The terrace apartment we stayed in was spacious and well equipped. Access to the sea is just a short stairway down the hill, and the view from the terrace at night is very romantic. We loved the place and look forward to going back. Ciao"

@ By Derek and Barbara H., - North Wales - UK
"We had a wonderful holiday in a well-equipped and spacious apartment. This area has breath taking scenery and feels as if it is the Italian choice of holiday destination - in our terms, undiscovered and as yet unspoiled. There is lots to do on foot, by car and using the very economical train service, not to mention the sea trips. We particularly enjoyed the extensive architectural remains from Greek and Roman times. Delicious local produce made self-catering a delight but eating out is one of the things that we welcomed tips about from the very helpful owner of the apartments. His personal and willing attention and advice proved to be of great benefit to us."

@ By Mark H., Norfolk - UK
Dear Mr Prato, I would like to say how much we enjoyed our holiday at your apartments with our friends. The booking was done via your web site, which I can only say was a superb, true and accurate web site. We appreciated your help and enjoyed feeling very welcomed by your family. The apartments were excellent and this region of Italy is very beautiful with good road connections, a car is a must but the village is a very healthy 20 minute walk away.   Thanks again

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